Vittoria Dicandia

Research Economist

Vittoria Dicandia

Curriculum Vitae

Phone: +1 857-498-7916

Twitter: @vitto_dicandia 

I am a Research Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Program on Economic Inclusion. I received my PhD in Economics at Boston University in May 2022

I am  a Labor Economist with interests in how technological change affects the labor market, racial disparities, education, policing, migration.

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My Research in a nutshell:

My Job Market Paper investigates how Routine Bias Technological Change has negatively affected black workers between 1980 and 2000.  My other works in this area study the evolution of racial inequality in the labor market after the Covid pandemic, how skill use has evolved over time (w. Cavounidis, Lang, Malhotra), and the relationship between education and skill investment (w. Cavounidis, Lang, Malhotra).

In another strand of research I study topics that have a significant revelance in the public debate. In a work (w. Bacher-Hicks, de La Campa) I show that commanders, and not officers, play a major role in determining the number of police complaints and use of force.  In a work in progress I examine how Stop and Frisk has affected high school choices in NYC.  Lastly, I have a work (w. Vannutelli) on the effects of the EU 2007 enlargement and consequent migration influx on firms' personnel choices in Italy. 

You can access my work here.